Pellet stoves in Europe: more and more

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The European trend regarding the installation of new pellet stoves is very positive. Based on the data from the Statistical Report prepared by Bioenergy Europe, we can estimate that sales increased by 16% between 2016 and 2017. At the end of 2017 there were more than 4,6 in Europe of pellet stoves running thanks to annual sales that exceeded the 570.000 units. 

Highlights the evolution in the Mediterranean countries, especially in Italy, which has 2,6 millions of stoves running and leads sales for 10 years ago with 180.000 units sold in 2017, an 6% more than the previous year. One stove was sold for each Italian 340. 

It is followed by France, which counted at the end of 2017 with 740.000 pellet stoves functioning. The increase in sales in 2017 with respect to the previous year was 35%, setting a record when selling almost 144.000 stoves, one stove for each French 465. 
Spain had, at that time, with 220.000 operating pellet stoves. Sales grew by 19%, 43.000 stoves sold, one for each Spanish 1.145.

Domestic boilers
In Europe they operate close to one million boilers for domestic use with nominal power lower than 50kW. In 2017, sales increased by 7,5%, until reaching 82.000 units sold. 
Germany, with more than 265.000 biomass boilers running, and Italy, with 115.000 boilers, currently lead sales figures with 15.000 units per year. 
However, Austria, with 125.000 boilers, the country with the best Tatio per inhabitant to have one boiler for each Austrian 70. 
Spain had in 2017 with close to 16.000 pellet boilers for domestic use. That same year, 2.200 was sold, an 9,5% more than the previous year. 
2017 Spain v. Finland
The distribution of equipment types follows inverse trends in northern European countries and Mediterranean countries.
Comparing Finland and Spain, we see that the Nordic country has a ratio of boilers per inhabitant equal to the one we have in Spain of stoves per inhabitant; When comparing the proportion of stoves per inhabitant in the Scandinavian country, it is observed that it is equal to the proportion of boilers per Spanish.
The leading companies in the sector in Europe will be present at the next edition of EXPOBIOMASA. 




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